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5 Benefits of Listening To Podcasts

If you didn’t already know, the podcast world is huge and it’s getting bigger everyday. According to Fast Company; “There’s over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.” To me,  podcasts subscriptions amount to having a talk radio station that caters totally to the listener. Whatever you love in life, there’s more than likely a podcast

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Asking and Giving

There are two things that I’m getting better at, and they are making a huge difference in my progress. You know, in my quest to build my first profitable business everyday seems to bring some new understanding whether it be practical knowledge or some tidbit of  wisdom. I would just like to take a brief

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Road Trip: Navarre Beach

Hello, this post is the first of its kind on this blog. I’m hoping it’s the first of many more. When it comes to relaxation and memories, nothing seems to produce them like a good family vacation. Vacations can sometimes be hard to take as much as we’d like, but Lord willing they will be

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