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Quick Grab:(MAY) PLUG It Up

Hello “Quick Grab” followers. It’s time for me to reveal my May Grab. I have to admit, I didn’t like that I haven’t come across a great pick that jumped $5 bucks a couple days after I made my minuscule purchase so I wasn’t that excited about doing my quick grab for May. It’s hard

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April Quick Grab: Not so Golden

What’s up People! I bet you’ve been wondering who made the Quick Grab Pick for the month of April. Before getting into my pick for last month and why I chose it, please let me reiterate (although it should be very obvious), this trading method should not be used as a replacement or guideline for

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Quick Grabs: March Stock Purchase H

As I may have stated before, There’s a lot of different things I’ve been wanting to learn a lot more about. I’m one of those people that tends to read and study just a little too much without just jumping in and getting started. So in the spirit of what DaddyBe is all about I’ve

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