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Some bad habits don’t die easy. The consistency that it takes to put them away for good is something that has to be continuously fought for. Especially as it pertains to mental and emotional blocks. When you have trained yourself to constantly see the worst case scenario as the most likely outcome. You tend to

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Growth Takes Time

Early mornings are a part of life I Love. Especially when I wake up well rested and refreshed. I will often stand in the driveway and enjoy the absence of unnatural sounds and all the moving about that tends to begin only moments later. There’s only the peek of the sun. The lively singing of

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Measuring Success

Well I’m back, and as usual it has been a little longer than I planned. Things are well and I find myself doing and experiencing some new things that are putting me right where I want to be. In my entrepreneurial journey things aren’t happening extremely fast but they aren’t happening slow either. I am

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