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5 Benefits of Listening To Podcasts

If you didn’t already know, the podcast world is huge and it’s getting bigger everyday. According to Fast Company; “There’s over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.” To me,  podcasts subscriptions amount to having a talk radio station that caters totally to the listener. Whatever you love in life, there’s more than likely a podcast

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Growth Takes Time

Early mornings are a part of life I Love. Especially when I wake up well rested and refreshed. I will often stand in the driveway and enjoy the absence of unnatural sounds and all the moving about that tends to begin only moments later. There’s only the peek of the sun. The lively singing of

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Family Garden: Why We’re Growing

It’s no secret that most working families could stand to do a lot better in the healthy choices department. As for me, as an individual, there’s a whole lot of room for improvement. When there seems to be very little time to do anything it can become very easy to take the quick, cheap route

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