Wow! The month of January seems to be blowing by. I can’t lie this year has been off to a tough, great start. Exercise is regular and I believe it’s almost a solidified habit. Thanks to my lovely accountability partner. When you pick up one of those gym membership that is a true financial investment you tend to get all kinds of extra motivation to … Continue reading Onward


I sit here today on New Year’s Eve reflecting on all that 2018 had to offer. If I said I accomplished every single thing I sat out to do this year that would be extremely untruthful. If I said that I figured it all out and am now living the good life free of setbacks and obstacles that would also be a lie. What I … Continue reading 2018

5 Benefits of Listening To Podcasts

If you didn’t already know, the podcast world is huge and it’s getting bigger everyday. According to Fast Company; “There’s over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.” To me,  podcasts subscriptions amount to having a talk radio station that caters totally to the listener. Whatever you love in life, there’s more than likely a podcast dedicated to it. I’ve been a daily podcast listener for … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Listening To Podcasts


Some bad habits don’t die easy. The consistency that it takes to put them away for good is something that has to be continuously fought for. Especially as it pertains to mental and emotional blocks. When you have trained yourself to constantly see the worst case scenario as the most likely outcome. You tend to revert to feelings of discouragement without having any valid reason … Continue reading See It, NO, REALLY SEE IT!

Cravings: Hungry for More; Book Review

If you follow my Instagram, You know I’m one of those guy’s that love’s to cook. I’m not the type that sit’s and watches every play of the game. I’m the guy that turn’s it up loud and walks back and forth from the TV to the kitchen and/or to the grill. Cooking is something I find to be an ultimate stress reliever so it’s … Continue reading Cravings: Hungry for More; Book Review