Wow! The month of January seems to be blowing by. I can’t lie this year has been off to a tough, great start. Exercise is regular and I believe it’s almost a solidified habit. Thanks to my lovely accountability partner. When you pick up one of those gym membership that is a true financial investment you tend to get all kinds of extra motivation to … Continue reading Onward


I sit here today on New Year’s Eve reflecting on all that 2018 had to offer. If I said I accomplished every single thing I sat out to do this year that would be extremely untruthful. If I said that I figured it all out and am now living the good life free of setbacks and obstacles that would also be a lie. What I … Continue reading 2018

3 Benefits of Rising Early

The early bird gets the worm is a saying I am sure we’ve all heard before. ¬†Yet mornings continue to be the hardest part of the day for many. “Google” traits of successful people and one of the common denominators will surely be an early start to the day. And there are all kinds of studies that highlight the benefits of rising before or with … Continue reading 3 Benefits of Rising Early