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Road Trip: Navarre Beach

Hello, this post is the first of its kind on this blog. I’m hoping it’s the first of many more. When it comes to relaxation and memories, nothing seems to produce them like a good family vacation. Vacations can sometimes be hard to take as much as we’d like, but Lord willing they will be coming a lot more often for us. Our worlds can … Continue reading Road Trip: Navarre Beach

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Death By “Breaking News”

Today I just want to talk about one of the things that has been a big drain on my Vibe for many years. Don’t really know if you have gone through or are going through the same thing but for some reason I have been strongly compelled to make a post concerning this matter. Technology is a wonderful tool and the advancement of technology has … Continue reading Death By “Breaking News”

April Quick Grab: Not so Golden

What’s up People! I bet you’ve been wondering who made the Quick Grab Pick for the month of April. Before getting into my pick for last month and why I chose it, please let me reiterate (although it should be very obvious), this trading method should not be used as a replacement or guideline for retirement savings. I am not a even close to being … Continue reading April Quick Grab: Not so Golden

Quick Grabs: March Stock Purchase H

As I may have stated before, There’s a lot of different things I’ve been wanting to learn a lot more about. I’m one of those people that tends to read and study just a little too much without just jumping in and getting started. So in the spirit of what DaddyBe is all about I’ve decided to make an action I took today a part … Continue reading Quick Grabs: March Stock Purchase H

2017 Morning Boost: Get Thankful, Get Pumped, Get Clear, Get Started!

As the 2015 year came to a close I began to see and read lots of articles about Great morning rituals that made for an even greater day. There are lots of opinions on the matter and I am sure many of them are beneficial. There were some that stood out to me more than others and ultimately I was encouraged to find what I … Continue reading 2017 Morning Boost: Get Thankful, Get Pumped, Get Clear, Get Started!