A Talk on Business and Mentorship with Gilberto Hererra


About Gilberto Herrera

• A determined leader who is highly skilled at driving improvement in people, processes, and products. Responsible for building the #1 team in the country in sales with a group of individuals who never worked in sales prior to being under my leadership.

• Passionate about inspiring, coaching, developing individuals to guide, educate, build confidence and increase responsibility. Had 50% of my team promoted to leadership positions and were highly successful in their roles

• Successfully creates relationships with other channels to develop, expand and close new business deals. Established a partnership with the retail and business channel which lead in a 25% increase of business deals within the first year. Also responsible for creating a partnership with a potential client during a trial period that lead to millions of dollars in annual revenue and took the relationship from a national to an international level.

• A solutions-based professional a customer centric state of mind who will innovate, develop, and implement business solutions to meet and exceed the financial, operational and customer objects. Received the top customer experience award in 2014 for all of Georgia/Alabama



Check Out Gilberto’s Ted Talk Here! 

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