Making Space

Well it’s another day forward and I just wanted to take the time to journal about a topic that could probably be considered trending right now thanks to Marie Kondo. Believe it or not I actually read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying a few years ago and actually tried to implement it around the house. Imagine me standing at the closet asking shirts and and old socks and underwear if they bring me joy. Now imagine my wife looking at me like I’m crazy and laughing me out of the room. Man I’m telling you I will try it all when it comes to finding clarity. But Marie must have been on to something because it’s a few years later and she has taken America by storm. Decluttering and tidying are things I would definitely recommend but that’s not what I want to talk about exactly today. I want to talk about it from a less physical perspective. Because although many of us have homes full of things we don’t want, have space for or have time for. We also have lives that are full of relationships, careers, thoughts and all sorts of stuff of that nature that we are holding on to for no good reason. If we want to gain or experience something new many times the best spark for getting it is making space through the removal of the old. Holding on to the things that no longer serve us makes it easier for us to remain stagnant and it makes it far less likely we will get serious about clearing the space for and going out and getting or being open to receiving what’s better. I’ll give you an example, we have this iron that we’ve had for close to ten years now it doesn’t work very well but I continue to use it. Not because it has sentimental value or anything like that. It is just a part of that scarcity mindset that I continue to try to overcome that says although this iron no longer works very well at all, it still heats up a bit when I turn it on and it just about gets the job done so why get rid of it. Never mind the fact that it leaks water when I hit the steam button, never mind the fact that it does no better job than five minutes in the dryer. I’m just gonna use it till it quits on me. The crazy thing is if I throw that iron in the trash tonight before the start of the next work week one way or the other there would be a better working iron in this house and that portion of my life would be all the more efficient and enjoyable for it. All that is needed is for me to be proactive and take the step of throwing the iron that has more than met its expected time of service away. life is the same, there’s a lot we can and will do. For many of us what’s holding us back is the refusal to let the old and familiar go. Take the time to make some space and let’s see what happens. Talk to you soon… I have an old iron to throw away….. BE

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