Wow! The month of January seems to be blowing by. I can’t lie this year has been off to a tough, great start. Exercise is regular and I believe it’s almost a solidified habit. Thanks to my lovely accountability partner. When you pick up one of those gym membership that is a true financial investment you tend to get all kinds of extra motivation to get there (I’m sure somebody out there can relate to that. In a past post I mentioned the fact that I was planning to launch a podcast and right now it’s official! The first episode of The DaddyBe Podcast is up and out for your listening pleasure. Please be sure to check it out and if you like what you hear do me a huge favor and subscribe! And don’t just stop there rate it and give it one of those awesome reviews! Thanks in Advance! So as I stated earlier this year is off to a tough great start. and when I say tough I mean it in the most exciting way. I am learning and stretching my limits further than I have in a long time. One of my goals for this blog is to document my progress as I strive to reach goals and make a greater committment to pursue the best Me possible. The past week left me truly enthusiastic about a long time goal becoming a reality. When my Wife and I first met, I was a guy still living at home with Mom and Dad. I was a guy planning to graduate from Interior Design School the next month with plans of maybe going abroad for a little bit and coming back to start my own design firm. But life happened in the way only life can. I fell in Love and just like that I went from concentrating on that plan to preparing to be the kind of man that could maintain and support a family. I was probably a poster child for what people think when they think about the worst of the millennial generation (although to this day I still think the millennial generation isn’t liked by some because we call BS on a lot of the old school contradictions we were and continue to be force fed, but that’s a conversation for another post). As a man I just wanted to focus on building a life for the woman I would soon marry and the two children that God had brought into my life just when I needed it. During this time I was working as a draftsman and I started out doing so under the supervision of a designer. A year or so later my unique skill set lead to my being used more effectively as a space planning and logistics manager. I am so blessed to have found the kind of job I found during the heart of the recession. It allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the management of people and inventory. I was also able to find another one of the many things that make my adrenaline rush (the efficient distribution of a lot of product)! I’ve learned the benefits of being agile and planning with versatility in mind. We went from living with parents to our own little apartment to our own little home. But during this time I gave way to the notion that if I just kept working hard and kept service at the forefront of my motives I would be able to do all the things I ever wanted for both myself and my family. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in these ideals, but I also have enough wisdom now to know that my idea of security and breadwinning was a little skewed. I was subconsciously saying to myself that pursuing a creative career was outlandish, selfish and too big a risk. But in actuality, it’s not necessarily what you do as much as it is how you do it. All sorts of careers make the world go round, and the world is better when people do the things that make them happy. Yep, I said it, when people do what makes them happy. For some reason the whole do what makes you happy talk makes many uncomfortable. How in the world did the argument for toiling for years doing something that doesn’t set you on fire win out. I bet if there is a handbook for work force preservation 101 that is one of the basic rules. Make sure they know that happiness is a foolish option LOL. My goal of being able to support my family as a creative has never left me. It’s something I always seem to come back to and not trying at it is something I now know Is a regret I can no longer bear. When my job description and type of supervision changed it took me off the quickest path to being able to sit for the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) exam. I would now have to continue to work with my hours being counted at 25% of the total hours needed to sit for the exam. This means what should take about two years would now take close to eight. I crossed that hurdle and a few weeks ago I applied to sit for the exam and was approved. Now I am like a kid in school again studying like crazy to pass this three part exam. On top of all the great things going on this is a huge order to add to the list. But hey, it’s what I signed up for and I am going to do my best to knock it out of the park! I said all the above to say this: Every day is a new day, as long as we have breath it is never too late to move forward. It is never too late to change your mind. We are all growing and that is what matters. Don’t let the lapse of time keep you from getting to the achievement of your goals. We shouldn’t and we can’t count ourselves out! Press on and don’t stop til the curtain call!

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