2019: A New Year

Happy New Year’s! The evaluations of the past are done and we’ve made it into 2019. The failures and disappointments of the past year are disposed of, the valuable lessons we’ve learned from them were the only things worth keeping. Today is a new day and most of all it’s a new year. So what do we do now? Some of us have already started our resolutions and some of us woke up this morning ready to turn the page in a major way. A few of us are starting the year with a major hangover and are already pushing our New Start out a day or so. Hey, have no shame my friend, we all have our seasons and if you decided to enter the new year partying like it’s 1999 more power to you. Those kind of New Year’s Celebrations can be the best of times and I can’t say I don’t plan on bringing the New Year in like a rockstar at least one more time before it’s all over. I am hoping to make 2019 another year of New Beginnings and most of all I want to double down on a lot of the things I was able to get started in 2018. Let’s make this the year we behave even more like the bosses we are. Let’s take that working class, “blue collar” grind and use it to build creative businesses that afford us the white collar lifestyle. Are you In? What are your plans for 2019? Are you optimistic about the possibilities? Were there some things you were glad to leave behind in 2018? Are there some people and places you hope to see more of in 2019? I’m sure there are. The greatest loss I had in 2018 is my hidden fear of the future and my ability to believe in Me fully. This isn’t something that happened over night. The more I found myself studying, learning, praying and believing the more it began to release. Now I find myself in a different position mentally and spiritually, I find myself no longer placing too much weight in a false sense of security and allowing myself to place mine and my families growth and well being in someone else’s hands. I have reached another level of confidence not in my ability to be perfect, but in my ability to learn how to get through any obstacles that I may face. I’ve found myself coming to the honest belief that getting to where I am trying to go depends totally on my consistency and my trust in God to handle everything that I can’t. You see, worry and doubt are two factors that keep a very steady, subservient work force in place for a many a companies. They are two crutches that can blind us to the real facts. If you don’t believe me, try this exercise:

If there’s a leap, a scary first step or a new pursuit you’ve been pondering that you just haven’t gotten yourself to approach head on, Write down any reasons that come to mind for why you haven’t done so. What you will find in most cases is the very things we fear most are things we are already currently experiencing. For example, we think, How could I ever think of leaving my current job? Things might get really hard. Life could become really miserable having to worry where your next paycheck is going to come from. Owning my own business could be stressful on a whole other level;. But in all actuality, life without living your calling is already pretty tough. The reality of paycheck to paycheck living is already stressful. Watching how the 401k savings you have amassed can be so easily affected by something like bad politics can make you wonder and worry about how smart it really is to have those kinds of savings as your only plan for retirement. The stress that can come along with hearing rumors of the next recession can haunt you when you know that you have abilities that could have put you in a position to do more getting while the getting was good. And to know that ultimately your current well being could all change for any reason deemed necessary by anyone other than yourself (it could be just for the sake of higher profit and the greater filling of coffers of which you have no part) is downright scary. So let’s not allow ourselves to continue to use the typical fears as a reason to not push forward 150%. Don’t get me wrong, being an employee is not a bad thing and statistically it’s a pretty safe option. What I am trying to say is it has its cons too. This is a post for those that contemplate being your own boss and if you are to the point where any other alternative will leave you with regret let’s stop letting the over estimated comforts of employment keep us from making a move.

As I stated earlier, in life we all have our seasons. There’s a time when dues have to be paid. Sometimes we have to grind it out to pick up new skills. Sometimes we have to do what needs to be done to get right footing. But the true Go Getters do what needs to be done while being attentive to the time when there is no choice but to go for it FULLY. We don’t have to wait on anyone to give us anything! We are always free to GO Get It! The moment we give that freedom up We have become cowards certain to soon feel all the resentment and regret that comes along with taking a loss by forfeit. So let’s continue to push forward with renewed enthusiasm and let’s make 2019 a year to be remembered. Let’s make it a one of many years that everything changed for the better! This isn’t a journey that we’ve just begun, this is a journey with an ultimate destination we continue to press toward. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer. I pray the same for you! #letsgetit BE

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