5 Benefits of Listening To Podcasts

If you didn’t already know, the podcast world is huge and it’s getting bigger everyday.

According to Fast Company; “There’s over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.” To me,  podcasts subscriptions amount to having a talk radio station that caters totally to the listener. Whatever you love in life, there’s more than likely a podcast dedicated to it. I’ve been a daily podcast listener for a little over a year now and I’d like to share five of the most noticeable benefits of listening to podcasts.

Podcasts Make Solid Information Readily Available

Whether it be news, music, science, technology, personal development, investigative stories (and the list goes on and on) there is a podcast curated by someone with expert knowledge passionate about sharing what they know. When I first started listening to podcasts it simply amazed me to know that there are so many everyday people with vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge about all sorts of things that produce shows for the love of it. If you are looking for ways to be in the know without having to read thousands of books finding podcasts related to what you want to know is definitely a way to get there fast. For example, I have recently started trying to get a much deeper understanding of trading strategies and quickly found a trove of podcasts not only dedicated to trading but there’s many dedicated to specific trading strategies. There’s lots of ways to get information today but podcasts rank at the top for getting good information easily.

Podcasts Make Learning On The Go Easier

I love reading a good book. So please understand, I am in no form or fashion saying you should replace your reading with podcast streaming. Podcasts are simply put, another weapon in your arsenal. Listening to podcasts make it possible to maximize your learning. Podcasts are perfect during daily commutes. I also like them when I’m working around the house tackling that never ending “honey do” list. If you are one of those people that feels like you never have time to read or just don’t enjoy reading that much podcast streaming may be the perfect tradeoff. Take the time to browse podcasts in a field of interests and listen to a few. I can almost guarantee you’ll find something that fits and intrigues you perfectly.

Podcasts Are A Good Way To Unwind

As of recent, I have to kind of keep myself in check with the whole learning thing. I’m one of those people that’s always reading, watching or listening to something that is meant to be informative. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I do believe that balance is necessary. So now I’ve even added a couple podcasts to my rotation to help me unwind on the home or before bed some nights. For some reason I find investigative journalism to be one of my favorite types of podcast to listen too when I’m winding down (i just realized that probably still falls under the “informative” umbrella). I should probably look in to something a little different. Listening to cold case investigations probably isn’t the best thing to wind down too. Maybe it’s a way of reminding me that things could always be worse. After a long day at work, listening to a good podcast on the way home can be even more calming than have a cold beer when you get there. if you’re like me you’ll end up sitting out in the driveway from time to time trying to finish a good show.

There’s Tons and Tons of Great, Essential Personal And Business Development Information

I truly believe that podcasts can be a pivotal tool for today’s entrepreneur. I have learned so much from the podcasts I listen to regularly over the past year. I know for sure that listening to podcasts has helped me improve by leaps and bounds. Good podcasts create a sort of closeness that you don’t often get from the more traditional media sources. With podcasts there’s this tendency to find hosts that you feel a connection with. You find that there are people out there that are feeling, experiencing and conquering some of the same demons and obstacles that you are facing and that can be a powerful thing. Podcasts are truly a way to build upon your tribe. It’s a way to make your connections global. If you feel like you are stuck or you just want to find ways to remain on the cutting edge or do what you do better you should definitely give podcast streaming a try.

Podcasts Are Free

Just think, all the above mentioned benefits come at no extra costs to you. If you have an internet connection and a smartphone  you have the ability to download and listen to podcasts. The information and the entertainment that awaits you could truly be considered to be worth billions coupled with the right kind of action and desire. With all the “cons” that can be attributed to the information age. The ability to learn just about anything you desire to learn is an absolute “pro”. What once required the right connections or hard to find resources to learn can now be tapped into with a device that fits right in the palm of your hand.

If you are not currently enjoying what the world of podcasts has to offer, I challenge you to find a few to listen to this week and be sure to come back and let me know what you think. I’ll provide some links to some of my favorites below.

Up and Vanished

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

The Kinda Sleepy Podcast


Buried Truths 

Rants & Randomness



These are just a few of my favorites I tried to highlight some different that will kind of give you an idea of what’s out there.

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