Some bad habits don’t die easy. The consistency that it takes to put them away for good is something that has to be continuously fought for. Especially as it pertains to mental and emotional blocks. When you have trained yourself to constantly see the worst case scenario as the most likely outcome. You tend to revert to feelings of discouragement without having any valid reason for doing so. You will find a reason to discount every victory big or small ultimately killing your momentum without even realizing you are doing it until it’s too late. This is something I have wrestled with in the past and I am learning it’s something I have to stay on top of because this way of thinking can creep back in without notice. Over the past few weeks I have been really working on trying to kick the default to negativity mindset to the curb for good. I have been super aware of what I’m thinking. I make it a point to check negative thoughts and send them packing. I don’t end with just getting rid of the negative thoughts, I take the time to replace the sight of the worst case scenario with the total opposite. I am not saying we should sugar coat serious situations are we should see everything through rose colored glasses as the old cliche would say. What I am saying is take those thoughts of the negative outcome and replace them with the solution. See yourself executing the solution flawlessly. When we see the negative outcome without even thinking it causes us to do things haphazardly and even worse it causes us to do nothing at all. I’ll give you a recent personal example of how stopping to see the positive outcome can help us avoid simple mistakes. while preparing for bed one evening our daughter runs into our bedroom and shows us that the coil on her cochlear device had gone bad. It’s one of those things that’s not extremely expensive, but it’s not cheap by any means and it’s a purchase that can have an effect on the budget. You know those kinds of things that tends to happen during one of those one thing after another seasons in life. This coil is required for our daughter to be able to hear in school so whether we were going to purchase it and get it overnighted or not wasn’t the question it was more so how we were going to do it. We began to talk about purchasing the coil and wondering if it wasn’t just the coil (which we clearly knew it was), did we need to purchase another device which would change the amount to be paid exponentially. Then we just settled down and decided either way there is nothing we were going to be able to do at that very moment because it was getting late into the evening. I jokingly told my wife, as I’ve been doing lately (in the corniest way possible) “See Us Winning”. We woke up the next morning and remembered we’d already made provisions for these kinds of situations through a flex pay program (yep, it was really that simple). We bought a replacement and a backup, the replacement came the next day and that was the end of it. The crazy thing is if we hadn’t decided to wait til the next day and took action before seeing the situation free of the negative thoughts, we would have made that purchase from our regular account when it wasn’t at all necessary.

On a side note: When that replacement came in I took it to Dejia’s school and the smile she had on her face was priceless. I would find a way to pay a million dollars to see her that happy.

This is how I’ve worked on changing my way of thinking:

When I finish my morning and evening meditations, I end by remaining seated with my eyes closed. I envision the completion of not only my goals, but the goals of my family. I am seeing us winning. The current obstacles haven’t magically disappeared and they will many times rise to counter the visions of positive outcomes. I acknowledge them and quietly return them to a victory. I do this one by one as they arise. It’s much like returning to the breath (for those of you familiar with meditation). I call it returning to the Win. This change in my thinking has worked wonders. I haven’t done a scientific study or anything but I definitely feel and see the results. Again, I am not saying this has made the obstacles and challenges vanish, but it has made the outcomes and the way I feel and react to them much, much better There’s something about not only thinking positive, but also seeing life through the eyes of a mind that has adopted the winner’s mindset that helps to bring things into alignment. When you ponder the worst case scenario you tend to get exactly what you’ve been thinking about. A lot of times I end up executing  the worst case scenario I’ve created in my mind with precision without intending to do so. If we plan on winning, let’s set our mind to thinking positively about the steps required to Win. When we do this we jump the hurdles without all the anguish and strain. Positive thinking is like endurance training. It gives us the ability to maintain action for the full length of the race. If there’s no belief in a positive outcome, there’s no hope, and if there’s no hope I can almost guarantee there won’t be any meaningful action taken.


Take the time at the beginning and end of everyday to return to the Win. Visualize you and others succeeding in every endeavor big and small. Better yet, see yourself winning all throughout the day. Every chance you get return to the Win. I’m talking about seeing life and it’s happenings clearly with the outcomes you want to see. Give that a try and watch how you take your drive, your wins, and your overall physical, mental  and spiritual Being to the next Level.

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