Cravings: Hungry for More; Book Review

If you follow my Instagram, You know I’m one of those guy’s that love’s to cook. I’m not the type that sit’s and watches every play of the game. I’m the guy that turn’s it up loud and walks back and forth from the TV to the kitchen and/or to the grill. Cooking is something I find to be an ultimate stress reliever so it’s something that I do a lot of on the weekends. Last week while at the library I came across Cravings: Hungry for More by Chrissy Teigen. I have to say, this cookbook totally blew me away! It’s written in a way that I believe can be followed by cooks of all levels of experience. The range of recipes was refreshing. I’m used to grabbing recipe books that require a grocery overhaul to cook one meal. I was able to cook three dishes from the book over the weekend and the majority of the ingredients were already in our fridge or pantry. Another thing I loved about this cookbook was the way it kind of swings from what would be considered to be  typical all-American type dishes to recipes that highlight Chrissy’s ethnic roots. Along with the recipes were tips for where to find some of the less typically prevalent ingredients and also many other useful tips from time estimates to seasoning to preparation. Although I am not an expert by any means and book reviews are new to me, I know this is a must have for any person that loves to cook a good flavorful meal without having to climb a mountain and go to five different stores to get the ingredients. This is a cookbook for the people. There’s a wide range of meals and I would consider the majority of them to be fairly easy weeknight meals. If you like to cook, or want to start learning your way around the kitchen, I would recommend you give this one a try! If you don’t believe me check out some the pics of my well executed  meals from this cookbook over the weekend. LOL.

IMG_0243 3
Crispy Bacon & Sweet Pickle PATTY MELTS
Spicy Jammy DRUMMIES

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