The Busy Trap

Have you ever had those stints where you feel like you’ve been so busy and when it’s all said and done it feels like there’s not much to show for it? Well that’s a hurdle I have just recently had to get over. I have to really monitor my comings, goings and doings to make sure I am not finding myself being busy just for the sake of being busy. As your hunger grows and you begin to develop a sense of excitement. When money and the need for profit become involved, then comes the development of a sense of urgency. We can very quickly find ourselves not sticking to the script. We begin to dibble and dabble in some of everything. We find ourselves taking on jobs and distractions that don’t fit our model and in some cases are detrimental to our efficient, effective forward movement. I began to notice that I was sitting down the night before and putting together this amazing task list that would for sure keep me busy and give me something to think about just about every second of the day without really thinking it out. I wasn’t really being strategic in how I planned tasks for the following day. For the most part I was pacifying  the part of my ego that is longing for this imagined “productivity champ” award. I have found this leads to all sorts of things many of which end in being stalled, blocked and/or disappointed. I mostly began to feel like I was just spinning my wheels. There’s a difference in getting lots of things done and Getting lots of things done that really MATTER. I am finding that in order to take my next steps I require major growth in how I plan what I do and when I do it. At first, I kind of got discouraged to know that once again I was dealing with time and productivity management struggles but I had to come out of the pity party and cut myself a little slack. When you are seeking growth and trying things you have never tried before things tend to change. You start to find out about new things that you need to make time for. The girls start dance, you want to get your son some private instruction so he can thrive in the things that he loves. You become aware that you need to be helping out more around the house. You realize you need abetter understanding of business finance knowledge. The clients you have been praying for show up all at the same time. You have a new program to learn or brush up your skills on. At the end of the day time is what life is made of. Mastering it will always require thoughtful, diligent practice. The last month or so has been a time when I have really begun to understand why written goals both short and long term are so necessary. Not only is it necessary to have them written but it is also important to keep them before you reading them morning, noon and night. As you plan your day and week ahead make sure every task has it’s place within that goals list. Meaning, make sure you can assign every task to the attainment of a goal on your list whether it be spiritual, health, family, personal finance or business finance. Also, make sure your tasks are in order (as much as possible). Things tend to get out of whack when we start jumping all over the place without paying attention to the process. Think it Through. Don’t be Busy for the sake of Busy. Be Busy getting what needs to get Done, DONE!

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