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In many ways my business pursuits are broad. I have spent a great deal of time wondering if what I am aiming for is a little far fetched. The truth of the matter is, I know it is. I believe that’s what makes this pursuit so much fun, extremely perplexing and difficult. I keep reading and hearing about the power and profitability in finding a niche and for some reason although I understand it conceptually, I just couldn’t bring myself to receive it. For some reason I kept feeling like this way of thinking constrains you in a way that doesn’t seem wise for a business in it’s early stages. But over time, I am really starting to gain a better understanding of what finding and serving a niche must really be all about. I am starting to realize I wasn’t looking at it from every angle. I wasn’t really understanding how simple or how layered a niche can be. I looked at finding a niche as something that would cause me to have to reduce the amount of services I offered in turn increasing the amount of time it would take me to reach the kind of profitability I am seeking. But over the last couple of days I am coming around to the fact that putting together an effective, and cohesive marketing plan can become extremely complex and expensive for a young company without a niche. I now believe that being more niche focused doesn’t necessarily box me in, it puts me in a position to find out exactly who I can serve best. So going forward, I believe I am going to focus on growing my business one niche at a time. I am still confident that the end goal will be attained, I’ve just gained enough understanding to know I have to be more focused and deliberate in how I build. It feels really cool to get to the point in this endeavor where the new car smell is starting to wear off and I’m starting to get wiser and gain true experiential understanding of what it’s gonna take to make it work “the right way”. I’m homing in. Everyday with a step forward (whether big or small) I am getting to where I want to be. As some of you may know, this isn’t a blog from the perspective of someone who’s made it. This is more like the journal of someone in pursuit. I would like to know what you think on the subject of finding a niche. How did you find yours? Did you choose “it”? Did “it” choose you? Is your niche seasonal? Has your niche changed with time? Do you prefer no niche at all? Anything you would like to add is welcomed and appreciated!

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