Long Nights

There’s a part of trying to start a business that’s not so pretty. There’s these moments when you’re pumped and ready to take on the world and then there are times when you’re tired and ready to go to sleep. As I progress, although not as fast as I would like, I am finding there are rises and plateaus and rises and drops and more rises and the cycle seems to repeat itself. The one thing that I know for sure, I mustn’t do, is become complacent with any current mode that I may be in. Doing so leads to stagnancy. Trying to be a good husband and father adds a whole other level of complexity to the mix because not only do I need to be sure to remain focused on the final destination and why I’ve decided to embark on the journey to it,  but I must also make sure to keep my wife and family at the fore front as well and make sure they understand that the time and financial investment is for the betterment of our future as a whole. Not only does this pursuit require a significant time investment but it also requires a significant financial and energy investment. The financial investment required starts well before any meaningful profit is made (in my case). As I sit here making this post, I do so in the most somber and excited way (is that even possible). Today is Monday and I came home and knocked it out of the park! And as encouraged as I am with how I am changing and with the kind of discipline I am starting to develop I am seeing one thing much more clearer. I gotta get used to pouring out of every bit of me every single day. I gotta make sure I stay healthy in order to do so. I have to start paying closer attention to the peripherals. Any bad habits or time wasters or sources of negativity have to be eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum. I’ve always heard people talk about being willing to burn that midnight oil. There was a time in my younger days when I knew what that was all about. I lost it when I landed on complacency but I am so glad to have it back for a season. It is during these times when major progress is made. But going forward, I will not only think about burning midnight oil as being only about working late nights. Burning the midnight oil can be found in how we make every decision. By choosing  to sacrifice the gratification of right now for the more fulfilling  gratification of the future. It’s deciding not to have that unnecessary, unhealthy snack. It’s deciding not to spend that 30 minutes watching that TV show. It’s smiling even when you feel like everything is going wrong. It’s making the choice to be positive in a world of negativity. I Just wanted to take a moment to say what’s on my mind…. If you feel what I’m talking about press on, if you’ve been here before and pushed through thanks for the inspiration.

Til next time…..BE

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