Asking and Giving

There are two things that I’m getting better at, and they are making a huge difference in my progress. You know, in my quest to build my first profitable business everyday seems to bring some new understanding whether it be practical knowledge or some tidbit of  wisdom. I would just like to take a brief moment to point out two things that have stood out to me recently.

  1. Ask

Never underestimate the power and progress you can gain from getting an answer from the right person. I love to read. whenever there is something that I want to learn more about I never hesitate to “google” it. I will also stop by the library and grab any book they may have on the subject. But, a couple of weeks ago I did something out of my norm. Instead of spinning my wheels and trying to read my way to the answer, I began to look through my friends list and think about whether there is anybody that I know personally that has done or is doing what I am trying to do. Upon finding that person, I sent her a message and politely asked if her time permitted, could she please answer two questions for me. Not too long after sending that message I received great answers that are both tried and true. It took approximately 6 hours to get information that could have taken months (even years) worth of mistakes to get. This experience has literally caused me to think a lot differently about how I gather information. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like being able to read and understand something for yourself. But there is also something powerful about the human element. There are great things that can come from being humble enough and wise enough to ask a well thought out question and getting an answer from a qualified individual that is more than willing to give you a well though out, specific answer.

If it’s been a while since you’ve asked for help, give it a try this week. Give someone a call or send someone a message. Get your next “Big” answer from another human being!

2. Giving

Secondly, Don’t plan on going around asking if you don’t care too much for giving! If you’re like me, your entrepreneurial pursuits were born from gifts that you found joy in giving. If we’re not careful, there’s this switch that seems to go off when we make the choice to turn something into a launchpad for profits. We seem to develop this “pay me” persona. True enough, in business this way of thinking has its place (especially if you plan on being profitable), but  just like everything else in life this way of thinking needs a healthy dose of moderation. Place your focus on being of service and the money will come. That’s what I believe. It has worked for me as an employee and I am learning that it shouldn’t be abandoned in the business ownership phase of my career. Don’t allow your knowledge and expertise to become a prisoner of your mind. There’s no need to feel like your gifts are the world’s best kept secret. If you plan on getting exposure you’re going to have to carefully, freely share. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should allow ourselves to be exploited or misused. I am saying we should keep our knowledge and expertise open for service when the right opportunities for doing so present themselves.

This week, take the time to be of service to someone else or to some organization. Do so expecting nothing in return.

Finding opportunities to be of service will open more doors than you could ever imagine. Not only will it open doors, it is also a chance to learn more with no strings attached. In examining small businesses one of the things I often see that I feel is a big mistake is not understanding the importance of good data from the start. In the beginning stages of a business being of service as much as possible allows you to get the numbers you need to truly understand what it’s going to take to be profitable. Hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon…… Til next time….. BE

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