Smiles Are Like Trophies

This is a post about us allowing ourselves to be comfortable with our happiness. This is something I have been dealing with a lot lately. Many of us have our past. That past is full of many joys and great memories but that’s not all. For some there’s also this burden of bad choices, mistakes, disappointments, lost relationships and all kinds of other stuff that didn’t’ turn out how we would have liked it to. Many times it’s the hurt and the failures of our past that keeps us stuck in anguish in our present. There’s this sort of shame that can sometimes linger. Even when it doesn’t linger it tends to pop up from time to time when we get a breakthrough or when we are in the process of moving forward or doing great. This shame and guilt can cause us to put our happiness or inner peace in check for no reason at all. Let’s call it our own internal “peace police” making sure to bring us back down whenever we’re on “cloud 9”. Not only do we do this to ourselves, but if we aren’t careful we will find ourselves doing it to others. We will also find ourselves allowing our peace and happiness to fall victim to those that do it to us. The reason these feelings can be so hard to get over is because many times the situations I am speaking of are so personal. These are feelings that involve our criticism of ourselves or the criticism of those that are close enough to us to know our inner most insecurities, failures and struggles. I find the social media age to be incredible. I truly believe it allows us to see and do great things but I know for sure that there is a curse that comes along with the gift. Have you ever heard someone scrolling through social media mention how they know such and such isn’t as happy as they appear to be in that picture because the other day such and such happened or last year this and that happened? There are those that see the happiness of others and feel like their life is missing something because they aren’t able to do those things or their relationship doesn’t appear to be as good as the ones they see on facebook and/or instagram. These are what I like to call happiness stealers and they come in all kinds of shapes and forms. The truth is Life can sometimes be tough. Life and its relationships have their seasons there are going to be some laughs and there are going to be some cries. So what if I or you used to be a loser. So what if everything hasn’t been or isn’t perfect. So what if you and your significant other had a disagreement this morning or were on the verge of divorce two years ago. If in the present you are happy and are SMILING, don’t allow yourself or anyone else for that matter to take that from you. Our smiles are like trophies no matter how much we’ve gone through in our past whether trivial or life shattering any time we can make it back to a smile that’s something to be proud of. I know we have a segment of the population that is adamant about the fact of everyone not being able to win a trophy, but this is one we can all hoist! So SMILE ON with no shame, guilt or fear. That past can’t be changed, enjoy and be present in the present and just continue to let what the future holds be built upon your effectiveness in the present. Didn’t really plan on making this kind of post but it’s what has been on my heart and mind so in the spirit of keeping it real I had to put it in words.

Till next time….BE


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