Coming Into Focus

I know it’s been a while but  believe me, it doesn’t mean things aren’t going. As we all know life keeps on going in spite of and we had better do the same. I write this post with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement that has me feeling borderline crazy! This year has been one of the best I’ve had in a while. There’s a few goals I am scratching and pawing to check off the list and to be honest there are many that will not happen this year. I’m really just grateful for the victories and every single one of the failures because I am that much better for them. I haven’t learned this much since I was a curious kid in high school. As of late I have just been plugging away at day to day life making it a point to “Be”. I have began to become much more comfortable with my plans and they don’t seem so farfetched to me anymore. As I mentioned when this whole change of thinking began, I firstly, wanted to stop thinking and start doing and I can without a doubt say that this year that is what I have done. Some things were easier than anticipated, some much harder. There have been some financial obstacles as well as emotional. I have learned a lot about my surroundings and the people in them. This year long roller coaster has been fun and as it pulls back in I can’t wait to hop off and run back out into the park and hop on the next one. In many ways this year has been a test it was my opportunity to decide whether I am fine with where I am as a person or do I have more left, do I have any goals and dreams left along with the strength and drive to fight for them. If you’re like me, you realized we have plenty left and so much of life’s joy comes from that pursuit of being our best not only for ourselves, but for our families and the world as a whole.   …………..Dec 5 – January 12 ………………. Well Christmas season happened and I am finally back to this post. All that was said before remains true and this year is off to a Great start. It felt really good to start the year with things in motion and really just focusing on improving upon what has already been started. The plan and the vision is clear and if any pivot is needed I am ready for that too. It feels really great to get so excited about the present and the future that the joy is close to overwhelming. If we’re not careful life can have its way of slowly pushing us to relinquish the curiosity and the thirst for growth that we experienced as children. I got that back and this time I plan on keeping it. I’ve had plenty of time think about the path forward and most importantly, I know exactly how I plan on sharing this journey. As I’ve stated before this blog is a labor of Love and ultimately I just want to be an encouragement to myself and others. There’s something about self expression. It has a way of freeing you and making things clearer. 2017 was about getting started 2018 is about getting it DONE. Let’s Get It!!!!

PS. Things are going to change up a bit. Look forward to:

  • More Quick Grabs
  • DIY projects
  • More hacks for those raising a family and pursuing entrepreneurial goals
  • Introduction of youtube channel (maybe even a podcast)
  • And much, much More!!!!!

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Till next time …………. BE




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