The Best Week Ever

On Sundays I tend to take the time to think and plan the week ahead and for some time now I have been approaching the upcoming week with the thought and belief that, “This is going to be The Best Week Ever”! I have realized that subconsciously and many times right in the front of my mind I am hoping for some kind of supernatural intervention or some kind of bucket of  greatness to fall right into my lap. I believe in the supernatural and I definitely believe that God often works in mysterious ways, but my mental approach to having “The best Week Ever” was really causing me to push reality and principle to the side in an unintentional way. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t having really huge delusions of grandeur but the way I was thinking was keeping me from doing 100% of what needed to be done for me to reach my ultimate productivity. And in order to get where I hope to go, I must learn to eliminate every thought and action that keeps me from moving forward in the best way possible. That was the Problem. Now, let’s move on to the solution. Going forward, I have decided that for me, “The Best Week Ever” only consists of the things that are totally within my power. “The Best Week Ever” consists of me making it unacceptable to do any less than what I have set out to do every single moment of every single day. It means checking off every task. It means getting proper exercise and actually eating healthy instead of planning on eating healthy. It means not letting some things slip through the cracks while focusing on others. It means remaining conscience of goals and the fact that getting things done requires hard hard work. You see, confidence and belief in the miraculous turns that life can take can sometimes cause us to become more dependent on the unseen, undeserved, unworked for blessing. We can be doing a lot towards reaching our ultimate goals but leaving that last bit of gas in the tank hoping for the rest to come from God knows where but its that stored potential that can many times be the difference in accomplishing the amazing! It is my goal to do every single thing within my power to get better in every single area of focus in my life and the lives of my family and whatever else we are blessed with will be  “icing on the cake”. “This Week Is Going To Be The Best Week Ever”. Thanks for reading hope this helps you as much as it is helping me.

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