Death By “Breaking News”

Today I just want to talk about one of the things that has been a big drain on my Vibe for many years. Don’t really know if you have gone through or are going through the same thing but for some reason I have been strongly compelled to make a post concerning this matter. Technology is a wonderful tool and the advancement of technology has improved the quality of life in ways that were unimaginable just 25 years ago. I mean , think about it, we can do most things that need to be done on a daily basis on a device that fits in the palm of our hands. We are bombarded with all kinds of information and entertainment (some of which is good and very useful) all day. For this reason we have to be extremely careful to be aware of the amount of time we spend watching and reading and what we we are watching and reading and how that time spent can be detrimental to our peace of mind and spirit. I mean now days you don’t even have to sit in front of the TV to get the news you can get all kinds of news nonstop day after day. I personally, have a sometimes unrelenting passion for politics and many times will spend hours watching the news. The world seems to have all sorts of issues that I wish I could change and that many times leaves me feeling angry, disappointed and powerless when it comes to some of the ills that seem to plague our society. I have been very passionate about social issues since I was very young. I sometimes wonder if things will ever change or if an everyday person with human faults can really make a difference without being hung out to dry at the first sign of imperfection. What I have come to realize is the fact that nobody’s perfect and the things we see are just a reflection of that fact. What I have to do is continue to try and grow as an individual and in turn allow the gifts that God has given me to place me in a position to help facilitate change. Getting overwhelmed and becoming an over consumer of current events can really put a damper on your peace. I have recently begun to realize this more and more due to the fact that when we initially got rid of cable in our household that first few weeks I experienced a total separation from the 24 hour news cycle and it really had a profound effect on how I felt and how positive my mindset was and how productive I was with my time. As we’ve added some web based cable options I’ve recently had the opportunity to add a lot more news back into my daily schedule  and I am sure it hasn’t improved life for the better. For one thing I’m one of those people that thinks a lot about everything, I can sometimes carry sadness about an action or event for some time after hearing or seeing it. I’ll sit and ponder how can people not see the wrong in that, or why do we continue to treat other like that, and on and on and on. While in the meantime, nothing that brings true joy, and contentment is getting done. I have realized for the most part the news thrives off of negativity. It is like a never-ending race to capitalize off of the wrongdoings or mistakes of others. There’s opposing sides and they all spend massive amounts of money to get us to think and take actions to their benefit and the primary tools being used are fear and foolishness. That negativity is transferrable and it will find it’s way right into your soul. It will diminish your peace without you even knowing it. The effects of it can lead to an increased feeling of a need to escape or unplug. It can make you search for happiness and joy everywhere but in your “present”. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be aware or empathetic to the struggles that are going on around us but we really have to have some balance when it comes to how much of this stuff we take in. We have to remember that the theatre of evil and special interests doesn’t deserve so much of our attention. We have to channel our focus towards being a light and a conduit for change. There are so many battles to fight: Racial, Political, unnecessary violence, and so on. These are things that never seem to cease. I say all this to say with all that’s going on in the world it can become easy to be a willing, uninspired spectator but I am making the choice to not watch, read and listen so much to negativity but to remember the path set before me. Because at the end of the day we will give account as individuals. I am choosing to spend more time walking in Love and showing it through action. Because I know for a fact my life is much more fulfilling and peaceful when that’s the focus. I still love politics and current events but all things require moderation some things more than others. Be aware of what you’re taking in because it will kill you Spirtitually, Mentally, and Physically. This was somewhat of an internal rant but it’s something I’ve been thinking strongly about so I decided to share. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading.          Til next time DaddyBe….

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