The “In Spite Of’s” Make All the Difference

As I’ve embarked on the task of trying to do the things that really matter there are certain things that begin to become more and more clear every single day. One of them being, there is no “magic” when it comes to accomplishing goals. Although the right state of mind is essential to finding sustainable growth, state of mind is internal and it in no way excuses us from the happenings of others and day to day life in general. There will be moments of doubt. There will be times when it seems nothing wants to go right. There will be disappointment. There will be responsibilities that supersede goals. There will be times when you just sit and think is it really worth it or am I really capable. But even as these thoughts and circumstances arise we have to continue to move forward in spite of. One thing about life that is for sure, everyone living it is going to have to overcome a host of issues. We all have our share of trials and adversity. One thing that is also certain, is the fact that how we react to these things will make the difference. I am finding out that in the pursuit of goals and in making the decision to get of our comfort zones we will we will come to realize that getting out of our comfort zones means exactly what it says. Life is going to be uncomfortable for some stretch of time. What we have decided is that we want to push forward whether it is comfortable or not. When doing new things that involve risk there will be moments of pure terror, but at the end of the day facing chosen terror and difficulty on our own terms rather than sitting in a pool of untapped potential for the sake of comfort is the route I would rather take. This past week was another great one. I continued to move forward with the goals that are before me. But, something that is usual at this point in the journey happened. When I reached a point where I was getting way  out of my comfort zone I began to let apprehensiveness rule the day. Many times in the past this would have lead to a prolonged time of lost focus but these days I am catching it and righting the ship much quicker. I am grateful for the growth and and wisdom I am receiving in this area of life. This is another one of those posts that’s meant to be encouragement for me and anyone reading it who can identify. It’s just a reminder that it’s what we do in spite of that’s going to make the difference. So keep those dreams before you. Once you believe don’t let it slide to doubt or lessen your drive and intensity because of difficulty. Like they say,  if it was easy everybody would be doing it. Stay encouraged, Stay focused, Keep Pushing in spite of. Til Next Time….

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