That kind of Day

Today was a day that started off good but as it went on it just kind of went to hell and for some reason there happened to be a couple of instances that made me really start to think about where I am and if it’s really where I want to be. Sometimes it really doesn’t take much. Sometimes it’s just something that’s said the wrong way at the wrong time and in just a moment all kinds of things begin to churn. All of a sudden, I began to think about my goals and how I may need to really start thinking about pursuing them in a more aggressive way. I began to wonder if I can really expect to get to where I’m trying to go in the amount of time I plan to get there doing what I’m doing right now. The fact of the matter is there is coming a point in time in my life where I really, really want more and I’m just about ready to get out and grab it. There’s something to say for being comfortable but I don’t think it ever does much for growth.  It’s kind of like going to the gym and never really feeling the burn or breaking a sweat. You might be a little healthier you might lose a few pounds but the results won’t be great. When you make the commitment to go hard, to leave the gym drenched in sweat muscles burning, and sore. You get more substantial results that you can feel and see. So to make a long story short. Although what happened today made me uncomfortable and although the thing that was said was so trivial and really shouldn’t have bothered me that much. It brought me to a realization. I got everything I’ve been asking for and I know it’s just life saying Hey be more diligent, be even more focused, don’t forget your goals. Because what you want is possible, it just requires you and your undivided attention. At the end of the day what I no longer want to do is spend too much time not growing. and when I speak of growth I am speaking of growth in every area of life Spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. These are things that can’t be placed in the hands of others we have to make sure to maintain a clear vision of what we want for ourselves and as long as it lines up with the will of God we should fight for it every single day we owe it to our families we owe it to ourselves and most importantly we owe it to God. We are here for a reason and we should take care to make sure we stay on purpose. Life changes and along with growth comes change sometimes it won’t be comfortable sometimes there’s gonna be some pain. As a matter of fact if you are looking for signs of growth you need not even expect to find it if pain has been absent. I am grateful for today because I feel that mentally I got one step closer. One way or another I’m going to get to where I’m going and my focus on growth has been rejuvenated. If there is life, there should be growth. If you made it this far thanks for reading ,till next time…. DaddyBe

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