2017 Morning Boost: Get Thankful, Get Pumped, Get Clear, Get Started!

As the 2015 year came to a close I began to see and read lots of articles about Great morning rituals that made for an even greater day. There are lots of opinions on the matter and I am sure many of them are beneficial. There were some that stood out to me more than others and ultimately I was encouraged to find what I found to be the best morning ritual for me.  I started with something basic and in the first month or so it evolved into the perfect fit for me. I must say, although 2016 wasn’t perfect and even though there is still much to be desired 2016 has been one the best years of my life and I have grown mentally and spiritually in immeasurable ways. I must admit I drastically underestimated the power of a good morning ritual and I am glad I gave it a try. So why should I keep the process I Love to myself? I’m going to put it in a post do with it what you will, but I strongly recommend you give it a try. You don’t really have to look far to find testimonies on the power of Gratitude and Affirmations. To some it is just a bunch of bubbly feel good talk that doesn’t really amount to anything tangible or truly spiritual. For a while I was among the latter. Nevertheless, I made the commitment to put it on paper everyday and have found it to be quite profound. What I have found and seen are both exciting and amazing. This new way of thinking has me truly excited about what is to come and confident about my ability to do whatever I put my mind and heart to.

1. Start With Prayer 

For me this is a must. Without prayer I am a sitting duck to whatever the world throws at me. For me spirituality is of utmost importance. I don’t make this statement from the point of view of a self-righteous person who believes he is perfect. I say and feel this because I am so far from perfect and have the weakness and ability to fall at any moment apart from God. I have seen enough of Life to know that there are forces other than the physical at play and there are both Good and evil and when we desire to do good there is always something that is trying in every way possible to hinder progress. You decide you’re going to workout after work and suddenly you have the latest work day of the year. You decide you are going to have the best day ever and walk in to work and the smallest of insults from a coworker cuts you right to the bone before you even make it to your desk. You decide your going to attend a Bible Study this week and your car runs Hot on the way. The list goes on and on. Don’t strike these moments off as coincidence because they are not there is a Devil and his desire is that you fail when it comes attaining a contrite spirit and heart. Take the time to Pray in the morning this is our first defense to what the day holds. Prayer doesn’t make for a perfect day it does make for a greater ability to handle whatever the day may bring. There’s nothing like changing a spare tire with a smile, knowing it’s all working together for the good. If you don’t already start with prayer I pray you give it a try.

2.Write Down 3 Things (or more) You  Are Grateful For

Gratitude was something that I was lacking in a major way before 2016. Gratitude can have an immediate effect on how we view our lives and our immediate situations. With a heart full of Gratitude nothing seems so bad it has to ruin our peace. When we make the effort to show gratitude we tend to gain more to be grateful for. Some days your thoughts of Gratitude will be simple and seem shallow some days they will be spiritually groundbreaking and pull on your emotions. Whether it be for the socks on your feet or the joy in your heart Starting the day with Gratitude is something you don’t want to go without.

3. Write Down 3 Positive Affirmations

The affirmation thing really felt weird to me at first, but the effects have been amazing to say the least. I usually just Google “daily affirmations Twitter” and just scroll the horizontal results bar that comes up at the top of the results page. There’s usually 4-6 that pop up and are very easy to quickly view (give it a try and you will see what I’m talking about). I write the ones that resonate most with me on that particular day. Some days it feels like all of them were heaven sent. Whatever you do make sure to stick to this on a daily basis because although at first it seems redundant I promise you will begin to see a change. Affirmations work, with one year of using them under my belt I can’t wait to see what comes to fruition in the year ahead.

4. Write Down 3 Inspirational Quotes

If you want to get pumped for the day ahead. Read and write a few inspirational quotes at the beginning of each day. I use the same method mentioned above. Google a “inspirational Quotes” and write down the ones that speak to me. The world is full of people who are overcoming and have overcome all kinds of failures and setbacks and emerged victorious. The insight and wisdom that can be found in quotes are priceless and they can really help to keep you motivated and focused. Don’t hesitate to use quotes as a tool in starting another Great Day.

5. Take At Least 2 Minutes To Meditate And Think About Nothing

If you are like me, there’s a list of things to be done in the morning. If you are like my wife, there’s a list a mile long of things to be done in the morning. Finding a way to take the time to clear your head get centered and meditate before starting the day has an undeniable effect on the start of your day and how you receive everything that will happen throughout the course of the day.This moment of meditation not only brings clarity it also allows us to receive many of the answers and blessings and breakthroughs we are looking and listening for. We tend to ask God for and about a lot but we seldom stop to listen. This is a very important part of this morning ritual so do whatever you must to make it happen. Notice I said at least 2 minutes, so feel free to grow the time and progress to longer meditation and I bet you will be better for it. There’s all kinds of resources for meditation from apps to articles make sure to check some of them out.

As I stated at the beginning this is what currently works for me. It doesn’t mean that it will work best for you. I recommend you give it a try and tweak it to fit your preferences (that’s exactly how I got started with a morning ritual). Don’t expect for it to work like a magic pill. it takes dedication to the process and with time and a clear conscience effort the results will begin to become clear. The basis is that we start the day by getting a Spiritual and Mental Boost, Get Clear, and Get Started. If you’ve made it this far into the most Thanks for Read. I’m learning as I go but I’m enjoying every moment of the process. Let me know how you like to start the day and if you give this method a try let me know how it works out.

Hope you Have A Happy New Year!!!!

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