“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is a statement I agree with 100%. The nostalgia that comes along with the Holiday season is something I have cherished since childhood. As I’ve grown, the warmth of spending time with family and making wonderful memories with my wife and the kids is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. But with all the joy and happiness this time of year brings, the focus can be quickly lost and we can suddenly end up on a never-ending stress ridden ride we didn’t sign up for. There’s the list of stops that must be made on Christmas Day the need to make sure everyone gets there share of time. There’s the stress of purchasing gifts that fit within your budget without seeming cheap. Nobody wants to have the Dirty Santa Gift that no one seems to want. There is the need to get your spouse the perfect gift she deserves and not to mention the stress of wanting to give the kids a Christmas they will remember forever. Although all of these things have their place, as the years pass we seem to lose more and more grip of what really matters. When we keep it all in perspective Christmas and New Year’s can be a time of peace and renewal that slingshots us into the year ahead full of Love, Enthusiasm and Confidence. But for many it ends up being a time that Bounces us into the next year shell shocked form an overload of stress and with a load of  fresh new debt. Many of us know what Christmas is all about but for some reason we continue to fall right into the stress trap year after year. For me, Christmas is all about Jesus, a savior born into this sinful world, to give us peace with God. Christmas is about His life free from sin and His death which gave us the right to Salvation. After all it is CHRISTmas. When we make this the focal point of our Holiday Season all of the stress quickly begins to vanish. We realize purchasing gifts really shouldn’t be our number one priority. We begin to realize it isn’t really important whether we have a gift everyone wants. The kids don’t really need to associate Christmas with getting all of the newest toys and games coming out. And maybe we just need to stop and take a deep breath  and be still  and just know. “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” should never become cliche Let’s make sure we maintain focus of what really matters during the Holiday Season.  Hopefully I can improve greatly in the blogosphere this upcoming year. This one was tough because I have been up and down dealing with a tantrum that seems to be getting worse by the second. LOL Isabella is giving us a little pre-screening of her terrible two.

Izzy Says No Blog Now!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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