The Beginning of Something….

Hey! At this point I am really not ashamed to say I’m not exactly sure what this is the beginning of. Is it going to be Great! Will it inspire or help someone. Will it allow me to get some of my joys, pains, thoughts, feelings, and just some of the practical things I think are useful for growing as a Husband, Father down on paper? I really hope the answer to all of these will turn out to be Yes!!! And even more!

My name is Stanley Stevenson Jr. I am 33 years old and I am a Father of 3 and Husband of 1 in Birmingham, AL. Being honest, I have made my share of bad decisions and I have come through those chapters of purposeless living still intact and with an unbridled passion to be better and to do more with the remaining time I have been blessed with. One thing I can say is, a lot of the struggles I have seen have been by my own choosing because I come from a loving family that worked hard to make sure I had everything needed to succeed and I am forever grateful for that. My life took a drastic turn on the night of December 26, 2009, at a bar called “the Metro Bistro” in Birmingham (at least that’s what I remember the name to be at that time). I will be honest, my memory isn’t the best I would like to attribute it to age but there may be other factors involved. Back to the story, that was the night I met my wife Kelly. I like to think that it was a Love at first sight kind of thing  ( I am sure it was for me). Because she was the first thing I saw when I walked through that door and to make things even better she just thought I was  the best thing she had seen in all her life and she wasn’t going to end that night without getting to know “Stan ” better. We started at Metro and ended at “Bell Bottoms” and that night was the start of something special and it is a testament to the fact that life has a way of putting us in the right place at the right time to attain what was destined to be. This only happens in those moments when we are wise enough to be guided. I do believe we many times pass up great opportunities or we take ten years to get where we should have gotten in two because of our inability  to listen and do what we are guided to do. The Great thing is “ALL things work together for the Good for those who Love Christ”. For this reason, even when we make a wrong turn we are rerouted so that we still reach what God desires for us. Kelly and I began our relationship and not only did I get a wonderful woman but I was also blessed with  David and Dejia as well who were four and two at the time. I was a twenty something living at home with Mom and Dad finishing up on an interior design degree at a for profit college after coming back home form Morehouse College years before without getting a degree who had just Found a wife and two children. You talking about a change. Change is an understatement. But it was definitely for the better and I am grateful for the opportunity. In 2013 Kelly and I got married in 2015 We had Isabella and purchased our first home together and today we are still together and working hard every day to grow individually, as a couple and as a Family. Let me tell you, Life for us isn’t All you can eat peaches and cream we have our struggles and I as a man have fallen short on many things but I will say it’s Peaches and Cream most of the time and we are getting to the point where there’s definitely more peaches than lemons.

Growth, Happiness, Fruitful Relationships and the attainment of goals doesn’t just happen. These things my friends require constant work. I am going to take this opportunity to make my life an open book and let the chips fall where they may. This whole blogging thing is new to me. I don’t know exactly where DaddyBe is going or where it will end but this is the start and the name speaks for itself. This is a blog about being. Being diligent, Being Disciplined, Being compassionate, Being Righteous, Being a learner, Being a Doer, Being Funny, Being Strong, Being Present, Being Steadfast, Being Longsuffering, Being Fun, Being Understanding, Being everything your family depends on you to be and last but not least being Loving. I invite you to take this journey with me feel free to subscribe and comment whenever you like. I am not even close to having all the answers and I am not an expert on life. I just live one day at a time and this Blog is about “Being” from the perspective of Stanley Stevenson Jr. I hope to be both practical and heavy and to cover every facet of everyday living. If you have made it this far down the page I truly appreciate it and I hope you’ll be back soon. The first post of this blog is now in the books. Which leads to one of my first truths. This is something I struggle with daily. Sometimes we just have to stop thinking so much and just DO. You have to start somewhere. Most things won’t be perfect from the very start and it definitely won’t be perfect if you never get it done. So stop piddling around get focused and follow those dreams.


Talk to you soon,



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